a couple of things from 2010…

so… firstly, i had a piece of work ‘selected’ for the worcester open (‘selected’ in that if you entered a piece or pieces, one of them got selected – that’s one of the things that’s quite nice about it, though.) This was the second time i’d put work into the exhibition, and this time there were many more exhibitors than before with the exhibition stretching across three different venues. the open ran from april-june 2010 and my work was placed in the PITT studio (which was the starting place for the Worcester open a few years ago). It was placed in an interesting spot – not the most prominent and quite difficult to view considering the nature of the piece.  ho-hum, at least it got a bit of an airing outside of my home.

in july last year, i got to show off a bit more by exhibiting at the sixth form college i work at.  this was the second year the art department had organised a summer exhibition and weekend arts fair and as well as an exhibition of student artwork and a fashion show, the weekend included demonstrations, activities, stalls and exhibitions by staff and professional artists/craftspeople.  my friend and colleague shaun morris did a great job of reviewing the weekend on his blog.  my involvment in the events was helping put together the promotional material, running a badge-making workshop in which i got mobbed by children of all ages (and some adults), and exhibiting six relatively new pieces of work.  As well as being a great event for the students and the college, it was also good for me as i sold a few pieces which was just great.

About chris cowdrill

i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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