we are birmingham

the we are birmingham shop has been open for just over 6 months and i’ve been pleased to say they’ve stocked my work since their opening.   the shop is a follow-on to the popular and successful created in birmingham shop that apppeared in the bullring for three months at the start of 2010 – one of my posts on blogger was about my work for sale in that store.

In the lead-up to the new shop opening I made a lot of new work and tweaked some earlier pieces (making the original versions i’d sold a limited edition).  I was quite excited when they opened as they put one of my larger pieces in the window and some of my other framed pieces featured quite prominently through the store.  one of the pieces i made specially for the shop was a large mosaic of button badges that made up an image of the sagrada familia in barcelona – the original drawing was done on location and taken directly from my sketchbook.  it was pretty labour intensive and silly me, i never took a photo of it – and i can’t get one now either as it sold just before christmas.  the only photograph i have is this one posted on the shop’s facebook page*.  here are some photos of my work in the shop…

* the facebook page no longer exists so i’ve added the into the gallery

About chris cowdrill

i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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