a special invitation

i’ve been working on some wedding stationery for friends who are getting married a little later this year and this is the design for the invitations.  it’s ok for me to post it on here as the invites have gone out (i received mine yesterday), so i’m not giving anything away!  the image is of highbury hall in moseley, birmingham where the wedding and reception will take place.  the style of the image is to give the impression of a page from my sketchbook – i often paint blocks of colour into a sketchbook before i go out drawing, and the drawings are then made on top of these.  i did do some drawings on location for this – which involved a little bit of trespassing as there was no one around to ask if it was ok (but it was worth the risk!).  normally kept in the sketchbook, at the moment i like using the original drawings for a main piece – the sagrada familia image in the last post was very similar.  there’s a bigger personal concept for the rest of the graphics for the wedding day, but i won’t say anything about that yet – you’ll have to wait ’til July.

About chris cowdrill

i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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