all the dogs

all the dogs... top: sadie, kelly, lizzie. middle: danny, pip. bottom: bunter, max, rhys..

i did this piece as a gift for a good friend of my family.

for pretty much every year as i was growing up, as a family we would visit and stay with lynda and les in south wales.  they would always have a number of cats and dogs around, some strays that they homed and then others that had drifted by and found a home.  the animals all had unusual personalities and quirks (and sometimes slight injuries or deformities! from the cats – igor had a huge tooth in his lower jaw, garfield had lost half of his tail, flo had a cauliflower ear, alice had a tail which was permanently bent just before the tip).  i used to love drawing cartoons of their pets based on their physical traits and personalities.  as i hadn’t done any drawings of their creatures for a while i thought it might be nice and sentimental to do this as a present for lynda’s birthday.  i really enjoyed doing this piece – looking through old family photos and remebering how much fun i’d had visiting them.  the images are of all of the dogs they’ve had as pets to date – hopefully you can get an idea of some elements of their personalities from their portraits.

About chris cowdrill

i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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