christmas past…

okay, so a blog about christmas in february is a little late – but it’s here now.  i make my own christmas cards each year and once the design’s done i usually have my own little production line going – printing them off in volume, cutting each one out with a trusty craft knife and steel rule, gluing them onto mount board (nice and sturdy), carefully scoring each card just enough for a fold, signing each one on the back and even making my own envelopes.  to save me all of that fuss i decided that for christmas 2011 i was going to get them printed professionally.  sure, i avoided all of those tasks – but how many times did i have to go back and forth to the printers to get all of the colours right?  too many, but it was worth it in the end.  hope you like it.

happy new year, by the way 🙂

About chris cowdrill

i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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