two episodes of mash

after falling asleep on the sofa late the other friday, i woke part-way through the first episode of bbc3’s live at the electric. i was really struck by the visual pairing of diane morgan and joe wilkinson.  so struck that i just had to do a piece of work based on them.  wilkinson i was familiar with from playing the socially useless ‘dan’ in him and her when he’s usually wandering around in his dressing gown stealing or breaking things or lingering like a bad smell in steve and becky’s flat, but here he was really well-presented – in brown.  morgan was a real contrast with her bright blue dress, red hair and dark eyeliner.  apart from his beard and long, side-parted hair, wilkinson’s visual appeal (for me), also comes from his array of amazing facial expressions – again completely contrasted by morgan’s dead-pan gaze.  they looked so great on stage that in reading up about them after, i was surprised to find out that they have done a couple of radio series.  how do they work so well in just audio when what i seemed to immediately love about them was based so much on their visual appeal (i remember thinking the same about the mighty boosh – wondering if i’d have enjoyed the radio work so much if i’d have come across it first).  so here’s my first piece of work of them and unusually (for me), based entirely on photos.  and ‘first’ because i’ve already done a few more studies of wilkinson’s expressions which i would like to develop into another piece.  for this illustration i decided to just depict their deadpan and awkwardness.

About chris cowdrill

i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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2 Responses to two episodes of mash

  1. Diane Morgan says:

    Hello Chris,
    Its Diane here from Two episodes of Mash.
    A friend forwarded your drawing to me. I think its excellent.
    I hope you’ll tune in to our second radio series which I think is due in October.

  2. chris cowdrill says:

    hi diane,
    thanks for getting in touch. i’m really pleased you like the work.
    am really enjoying live at the electric – can’t wait for your new radio series.
    i’ll hopefully have some more two episodes of mash inspired work on here soon (plus a couple of others).

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