my florence sketchbook

recently i went to florence.  i loved it.  the place is steeped in so much cultural history (understatement).  i tweeted some of my sketchbook work while i was there, but was keen to record the experience in a bit more depth on here.  i was there for a week, and could quite happily have spent the whole time drawing, but as the trip was  a birthday treat for my girlfriend spending the whole time drawing would have been a little unfair.  it wasn’t difficult to fill the time with sightseeing, eating (gelato) and drinking, taking in frescoes, statues and paintings and escaping the sun (by going to a cafe for more gelato and granitas).  as well as sketching i took a ridiculous number of photos – as well as the usual sightseeing and self-shooting i was photographing graffiti, stickers and roadsigns (as usual), and i also collected different images of the fleur-de-lis (the city’s emblem), from civic buildings, restaurant signs, a police car livery and a car air freshener to name but a few.

here’s a selection of sketches… i normally spend my drawing time drawing people, but this trip had to have a focus on architecture.  the view from the hotel room is now an obligatory starting point.  i found the duomo facade really difficult to deal with when i started that image because it’s so decorative – it didn’t come together for me until i was almost finished, so i’m glad i stuck with it.  i really enjoyed working from the statues – they’re so beautifully made that they are great to work from (and there’s no excuses if you don’t get it right).  while we got round a lot of the city, there’s still a lot we didn’t get to see (and i didn’t get to draw), so i can’t wait to go back and hopefully add to this set of work.

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i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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1 Response to my florence sketchbook

  1. Shaun Morris says:

    There are some really lovely drawings here, Chris. Thanks

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