maybe not the first subject you might expect to be the source of inspiration for a piece of work – but for me it was inspiring.  it is part of a series of pieces i started about a year ago (see here), based on an area in stirchley in birmingham where i would go running.

the scale of the piece i did last year meant it took me so long that i was reluctant to begin a second image in the series… i did the drawing for the bramble piece and it remained a drawing for a few months while i got on with other things.  i then returned to it earlier this year drawing it out in pen, scanning it in and then adding the digital collage – it became such an overwhelming effort (scanning the thing in so many sections, having to laboriously select each element of the image before filling it in), that it seemed like it would never get finished.  and it didn’t for a while…  i shelved it again for a couple of months while i got on with other work and then returned to it for a third attempt and finally got it completed.

it was the monstrous size of the thing that initially struck me – it was stretching out across a path, those runners looking for new territory to root and spread.  they drive me bloody mad now because they’re trying to take over the top of my garden (actually not ‘trying’ – they won hands down with the support of many other weeds).  maybe this is just another octopus drawing in disguise and it’s really some fear of tentacles that’s been driving my work.  hmmm.

About chris cowdrill

i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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