happy new year

i found myself reflecting on 2012 a couple of months ago, and comparing it a lot to my experiences of 2011.  looking back on that year (2011), i felt like i’d spent a lot of time on projects that really didn’t deserve the effort – things that didn’t come to anything or work that was really badly used (for example: artwork being completely obscured by overlaid text), and (fortunately enough), probably wasn’t seen by many people.  there was one piece that i rushed to complete before christmas 2011 (because it was ‘urgent’), that didn’t appear anywhere til april 2012 – and then the only reason i found out it had been used was because i googled it to find it much later in the year (they never thought to let me know it’d been published).  the way it was used looked so bad that i’ve never logged its use here or anywhere else.  all of this sounds like a good old moan (which it is) – but the good thing was that i felt that 2012 had been the opposite to the experiences of the previous year…

guitarsi feel like my work’s been reaching out a lot more this last year and generally having more people see the work i’m producing seems to make it feel a lot more worthwhile.  i’ve been much better at blogging, and i started tweeting.  i could still be using social media a  bit more effectively, but so far i’ve been really pleased with how the blog’s going – i’ve got plenty of hits, a group of followers and some folks who’ve been keenly liking my posts (thanks a lot for that guys).  victorian indulgence on the sound of shiant book cover was a great start to 2012.  the recent exhibition was an obvious highlight, reaching people through the exhibition space and also digitally via facebook – and getting loads of really positive feedback.  another highlight was a more personal one – designing and producing artwork for my sister’s wedding stationery last summer (i will post it on here one day!).  being selected by inkygoodness for their beermat character competition has led to being involved in their exhibition in london later this year.  working with others (particularly on the november exhibition), has been a truly great experience and i’m looking forward to doing more of that in the coming year.  plus i’ve got lots of work in my head that i just need to get out onto paper.

thanks again to everyone who’s been raising my hit count on here – whether following, liking or just reading – i appreciate it.  and happy new year too.  i hope you’re all feeling as positive about 2013 as i am.

About chris cowdrill

i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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