BLACK HIGHWAYi’ve again been working with my friend, colleague and fellow octagon, shaun morris to put together some promotional material for his exhibition of recent paintings titled BLACK HIGHWAY.  it is an exhibition of paintings and drawings depicting the edgelands of the midlands at night.  These are the nowhere, or hidden and overlooked zones between the city and the countryside, in particular the areas underneath the M5 and M6 motorways and the post-industrial landscape.

as with his exhibition last year (see: stolen car), i produced promotional material and worked on a booklet to accompany this new exhibition.  the intention was to keep the work in the same vein as the material produced for stolen car, but this time i got to play around with the design a little more.  the last booklet was more of a catalogue and the accompanying essay dictated how much space was available for images.  this time i felt a much more responsibility with no essay to work around, and a poem which i didn’t want to lose amongst the visuals.  while i inverted letters for the exhibition’s title, i decided to keep it fairly formal for presenting the poem, and present the pace of the visuals differently from page to page as you read through the booklet.  a limited number of these were printed, numbered and are available at the gallery, but you can view an online copy here, as well as check out the previous 2 indigo octagon collaborative publications.

shaun’s a friend and an inspiration and i really enjoy working with him on these projects.  i hope you enjoy exploring his work through the links here, and if you would like to see BLACK HIGHWAY for real visit nuneaton museum & art gallery, riversley park, coton road, nuneaton, warwickshire, cv11 5tu, between 11 January and 2 March 2013.

About chris cowdrill

i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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