eurovision 2014

last year i watched eurovision with a groupsketching stuff of friends and thought it would have been great to draw some of the acts and performers, but i didn’t have my sketchbook to hand.  so this year i made a point of it – i got my vintage eagle turquoise pencil, coloured pencils, two sketchbooks and dog pencil sharpener ready for a eurovision 2014 sketching marathon.sketch of Conchita Wurst representing Austria

the acts came thick and fast, and keeping up was initially an issue, especially as i was going to try and tweet each image after i’d sketched it.  i managed half of the performers and the three presenters (some of the performers weren’t that interesting so i took that as an opportunity to catch up with my tweeting).  it can sometimes take a while to warm up, but i felt like i got off to a good start with possibly my best sketch being the first one of the evening – one of the presenters, nikolaj koppel.  it was more difficult than i imagined with the tv cameras taking so many sweeping movements, they didn’t stay on the performers as long as i had expected.  i have to admit that i paused/rewound the action to finish off a couple of the sketches, but for the main part they were completed live during the performances.  it wasn’t easy – putting yourself under pressure to work quickly, deciding where to start, capturing enough detail in some features and simplifying others.  i enjoyed it though – i hope you like these sketches too.

About chris cowdrill

i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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