mental MAPPING

mental mapping is an exhibition that mental MAPPING posterbrings together the work of artists andrew smith and hugh marwood.  the exhibition is a mix of painting, photography and digital work as well as a piece of video on which they collaborated. the exhibition is on at rugby art gallery and museum and runs til june 18th – i’d recommend it if you are nearby.  if you can’t make it you can check out their blogs, watch the video on youtube or enjoy the photos of the exhibition i’ve included below.

I worked on their promotional material; putting together the poster, flyers and some badges (it was a nice touch that the cupcakes for the private view tied in with the exhibition branding)

From the press release:

Mental Mapping is an exhibition of recent work by Andrew Smith, from Birmingham, and Hugh Marwood, from Leicester.  It includes paintings by each artist, with Andrew’s digital prints, Hugh’s concrete-mounted photographs, and a joint video collaboration.  The work explores their different aspects of the relationship between physical and mental spaces.

Andrew’s paintings often develop from his own still life photography, but their confusing sense of scale suggests we might be able to move around amongst their strangely focused contents.  They are really landscapes of the mind whose subjects connect with the artist’s autobiography.  His digital prints combine photographic images with line drawing, paint drips, and various other marks. They depict certain places, but also suggest the thoughts and feelings one might have there, and the possible influence of literature or music.

Hugh’s paintings are more abstract, but include sections of street maps and written phrases relating to specific locations in Leicester. Incorporating torn advertising posters, and the mixed messages of signage, advertising, road markings, or graffiti, they suggest the unexpected ideas that might arise in these places.  His ‘Cement Cycle’ photographs show various concrete-related features on his cycle commutes to and from work, and explore the unpredictable ways a city-dweller might experience and memorise their surroundings.  Rugby’s enormous cement plant has haunted his imagination since the opportunity to exhibit there arose, and he was keen to connect this project with the material it produces.

To accompany the exhibition, Andrew and Hugh have made a short video, entitled ‘Orfeo’. It can be seen at:

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