squeeze (part 2)

i thought it was about time i shared some of 'squeeze' by chris cowdrillthe awesome work my colleagues produced as part of the first staff show at the further education college where we work.  as if we didn’t have enough to do towards the end of the academic year with the mountains of assessment, the external examiner visits looming and the student end of year show to organise we thought we’d pile on a bit more pressure by organising a show of our own.  the statement below (after the pictures), explains the idea behind the exhibition a bit more clearly, but part of it was to be a precursor and then extension to the students’ end of year exhibition, to lead by example and to show the students a bit more of what we do outside of teaching them at college.  it was great to see everyone else’s work and the different interests and skills that we have across the department.  it’s on for a couple more weeks if you’re nearby and fancy a look.  hope you enjoy the work…


www.mbpics.co.uk or www.matthewbillingtonphotography.co.uk

From the press release:

Whilst the commitment to maintaining our dual identity as artist and teacher is challenging, it does provide an opportunity to think freely, make and examine materials with renewed curiosity alongside our students. Where subject knowledge is shared and exchanged, the boundaries between teachers and students become blurred.  This development of personal practice informs, enhances and extends teaching and learning, which ultimately benefits all. ‘Squeeze’ provides the opportunity to view emerging ideas and styles of working across a range of art and design pathways: from academic, technical and support staff, trainee teachers and international work placement students employed within the Art & Design department at Bournville College.

We hope you enjoy the show!

About chris cowdrill

i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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