online shop launch

my online shop is finally live – having been a link from my website to an empty store front on etsy for quite a while now, the shop went live recently on tictail.  i had a lot of help with the setup and photos from my partner julie and i’m really pleased with how it looks.  i’ve been getting out to craft fairs recently to sell my wares, really pushing the handmade element of my work, and wanted another more permanent point of contact and sale online for anyone who might have taken one of my business cards.  at the moment there’s a mixture of badges, greetings cards and original artwork available on there and i plan to expand the range of items available  over the coming months.

it’d be great if you had a moment to check it out, and any feedback is welcome.

update: since april 2019 i migrated my store to etsy.

you can find it here. thanks.

About chris cowdrill

i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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1 Response to online shop launch

  1. Hey Chris! Firstly hearties Congratulations on starting your online store.
    Secondly, I found really cute stuff online at your store. The magnets (especially the tea time ones) are very cute. Good luck. Cheers.

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