i got a couple of new toys this week – crocodile rattleafter thinking it over for longer than i care to admit and researching a lot over the last few weeks, i finally bought an iPad Pro. i bought an apple pencil too and have really enjoyed playing with them. i’ve been stealing moments to try out my new tech by drawing my 5 month-old daughter’s toys. i’m living with these things – they’re taking over our living space, i’m interacting with them on a daily basis, animating them and speaking for them (mostly to my daughter’s amusement), so it seemed appropriate to work with them.

i began by using the notes app to produce a couple of sketches but quickly found this limiting despite being stunned by the different qualities of line i could achieve with the apple pencil. I’ve been using adobe sketch to work on a few pieces now and am amazed at the variety of drawing tools and other variables available in the free app (layers, different colours, brushes and sizes).  i’m not sure the drawings are typical of my usual ‘style’ – though they do show a typical interest in colour, shape and texture/pattern – the type of rendering isn’t what i normally go for. i want to work a bit more rough by sketching rather than producing these more finished pieces of work – but i’m having fun for the time being.

About chris cowdrill

i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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