toys 2

this is a quick follow up to the last post.  owly-low

with the intention of producing a series of images for exhibition, i continued to draw from my daughter’s toys using my ipad pro and apple pencil.  the three new drawings were again produced using adobe sketch software.  the works were exhibited as part of the end of year show / summer exhibition at the college where i teach.  the idea behind last year’s staff show, squeeze, was that we fit our practice in between so many other commitments – this has become even more true over the last seven months.  i felt it was fitting in the spirit of last year’s show that to get this work done, i had to squeeze them in while my daughter was napping – new technology and having to work quickly forced the work to happen!

i said before that while i’m happy with this work, i feel a little detached from it in terms of style – i see them more as sketchbook pieces or experiments rather than typical finished work for me.  i need to play with the tech a bit more to see how this will sit a bit more comfortably within my practice.  my friend shaun has been drawing using his ipad for a while and he’s recently produced a striking set of images as part of developing themes and ideas in his current work (check them out here).  i’d like my use of the ipad to feed into my other work in a similar way.

About chris cowdrill

i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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