baby shoes

if you’ve seen my twitter feed, then you’ll know baby shoe 14 ai’ve been drawing a lot of shoes recently. i’d wanted to document all of my daughter’s footwear from when she was first born (just over a year ago), and had been holding onto all of her bootees and pram shoes with the intention of eventually getting around to drawing them.

the impetus came when it occurred to me that although i often go on to students at work about the necessity for working from observation and using primary references, i hadn’t done some myself for a little while. i needed to do a bit more drawing and pledged that i would start drawing every day. thinking ‘it shouldn’t be too hard,’ it’s actually been a little harder than i thought it would be. i am pleased that it’s meant that i’ve been making time every day to draw something, even if that time has been late at night when my little girl girl has gone to bed, tea is made and eaten and things put ready for the next day (which is usually a lot later than i’d like).

i’ve been doing a lot of this drawing on my ipad, using the apple pencil and the procreate app which has a nice function on it that records your work from start to finish – imperfections, corrections and all (wordpress won’t let me host the videos on here, so you’ll have to pop over to twitter to check them out). i’m tending to favour the 6b pencil, and the gel pen (with a lower opacity setting). and i’m not the only baby shoe hoarder – my folks had a box of my baby things which included half a dozen pairs of my baby shoes, so some of those have made the mix too (the brown ones). i’m just including a selection of the shoe drawings on here – you can see all of them (and more to come), on twitter.


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i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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  1. Interesting concept, and very lovely end result 🙂

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