retro robots

a short while ago i was back on robots again. if you’re a follower – you will haveretro robot set of 6 postcards by chris cowdrill seen this bunch before, but they were in traditional cut-paper form. so recently i decided to go back and produce digital collage versions of them. as usual they are drawn out by hand in fineliner, scanned in and then the colours, patterns and textures are collaged in using photoshop (from a stash of hand-produced and scanned painted textures). i really enjoyed going back to these characters – so much that i decided to get them printed as a set of 6 postcards and scale them down to make some hand-pressed button badges. i love making little sets of things! i put them up on my etsy shop and have also offered the images as mounted prints too. this was part of a conscious effort at expanding the range of work i have available on there.

About chris cowdrill

i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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