garden drawings

over the last couple of weeks i’ve been img_1483drawing in the garden. like most people we’ve been in isolation/lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic. one message that i’ve got through a lot of social media is that we should all be exploring new things, being creative, learning to knit, writing that novel you’ve always wanted to or something, but for me the truth is that this has been such a worrying time that i’ve often found it difficult to be creative even when a small amount of time has permitted. i have however pushed myself to produce a series of drawings from our garden.

i’ve said elsewhere on social media that i’ve felt privileged to have an outdoor space at home to escape into from time to time, and i know that my 4-year old daughter has really benefitted from that over these last couple of weeks. i’ve drawn in the garden for many years now, not that i have a particular interest or knowledge of flowers and plants, but when we moved into our home 8 years ago, we inherited a garden that had some established plants, and we’ve introduced a fair few in the meantime. it’s a space that’s required (a lot of!) maintaining and so i’ve had to be involved in something i had never really had to bother with before. it’s a nice space to have, and when needing to just draw – it has an abundance of subject matter readily available. and as it’s the start of spring, a lot of flowers are appearing too.

so i’ve been drawing on my ipad without any particular aim other than to just focus on something else for 20-30 minutes at a time. i’m not sure if it’s mindfulness, but drawing like this is something that i need to do regularly (regardless of a pandemic). they mostly look very much like drawings on paper, but i keep using the ipad because i love producing videos of how the drawing has developed. if you want to, you can see the videos on your social media of choice (instagramfacebooktwitter).

a week and a half into lockdown, it was interesting to see a bbc news report where david hockney was talking about doing exactly the same thing.

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i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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