more drawings from the garden

so, after my last post (2 weeks into lockdown), i continued drawing in the garden.

i produced a series of three images that used a lot more colour. i felt like i was painting really, rather than drawing in the way i had been before which (as i’ve said before), appears to be just like using pencil on paper (but on an ipad). There are a few images where i used reduced opacity because i liked the effect of different layers overlapping in places to create some darker shades, but i fell quickly and comfortably into using more solid flat colours. i say ‘comfortably’, but i was conscious the whole time of what i was trying to do (which sometimes made it feel a little forced), and it didn’t always come easy (depending on the complexity of the image). and in some ways i wasn’t sure this was true to my normal way of working (doubting oneself, even when things are going well is fairly typical!), but i reasoned that when producing my collage works with cut-paper, i am essentially producing images that are reduced to shapes (usually textured, but sometimes flat colour) without outlines – in my collages, the cut lines are actually the outlines that i’d previously drawn. so i realised that what i was drawing on the ipad wasn’t that far removed from what i’ve been doing for years.

once i accepted that, i’ve been happily drawing away and documenting whatever has been blooming in the garden. i’m not much of a gardener, and i don’t know what everything is, but i’ve always loved our garden and as i said in my last post, i’ve felt very lucky to have this space to escape to during the corona lockdown and the compulsion to sketch has seen me out there in heat, rain and uncomfortable seating positions. i was a bit annoyed that i didn’t get to record what we think is a type of jasmine as it got destroyed in a heavy downpour, and i’m now overly preoccupied with sweet peas – they bloom and fade so quickly and the layers of vines and tendrils look different from every angle so i don’t feel like i’ve exhausted them yet. as usual, i’ve been uploading videos of many of these to social media. so you can see how the drawings takes place from start to finish: instagramfacebooktwitter or just enjoy the gallery below.

About chris cowdrill

i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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