godzilla showa-era tribute

godzilla vs. king ghidorah

earlier in the year i posted about the godzilla drawings i was doing and it took a few more months before i was able to develop a full series of finished illustrations. some of the illustrations were pretty labour intensive compared to what i’m used to but that was because i was really pushing what i was doing behind the scenes on the mac in terms of layering and textures.

if you head on over to my instagram, i posted a lot of behind-the-scenes images that showed the development of these illustrations from sketches to finished pieces – including the layering and building of textures, and i explored some of the other changes like the background colour on the main godzilla solo image. i might go over some of that on another blog post on here in the future.

for the time being i really wanted to present the final artworks on here and show that i made them into products. The intention was always to produce another set of postcards (like my robot set from last year), but i applied the images to badges (which have proved so popular i’ve been sending them all over the place), and have made them available as A4 prints too.

i also took the sketchbook images from my earlier blog and collected some of those together and printed them up as a zine/artists book. i was really pleased with the front cover – desperately hoping that my copying of the japanese characters for the word ‘godzilla’ are accurate enough (nobody’s said otherwise yet!).

the images of the artwork are all in the gallery below – and the products themselves are available over on my etsy shop – here.

thanks for reading and let me know what you think.

About chris cowdrill

i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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