home again

all 53 of my flower drawings (drawn on ipad using procreate app - by chris cowdrill)

well, it’s been another funny year, and one that began with us going into lockdown again here in the uk. this has been the experience of people in different countries around the world at different times this year. all this time at home led to me starting to draw what was around me and i started to record flowers and plants as they began to appear in the garden and near to our home. i’d made a pretty substantial collection of drawings in 2020 and decided to make a real go of it again in 2021. the series of drawings went from february to july and i completed 53 in all – not as many as 2020’s garden sketchbook total of 72, but i was still pleased with this set of work. it seemed more cohesive as a body of work – probably because i’d done a lot of searching in 2020 – working out exactly how i wanted to use the ipad as a sketchbook and developing a process with which i was comfortable. i was also working on a lot of other side projects (some of which i’ll record for posterity in posts after this one).

i was posting most of these on instagram, and if you look on there you’ll see a lot of work in progress videos too. these were all drawn on ipad using the procreate app which has a facility to record every mark you make and play it back as a time-lapse. i like using these because they evidence that very little editing takes place in these drawings – this is something i imposed on myself to try and keep the drawing here more genuine, like drawing in a physical sketchbook where you have to go with whatever mark you’ve made on the paper. i’ve found that my best drawing is when i have to be confident and decisive and put marks down, and not labour over every single mark. some drawings were quicker than others! i tried to catalogue as many of our plants and flowers as possible as well as taking a couple of walks to nearby streets and parks to record other things too. the tulips always seemed to prove popular in social media, but there were some stand out favourites for me – crocuses, azalea, rhododendron bud, honeysuckle azalea, iris, lupin, allium and jasmine.

About chris cowdrill

i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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