godzilla collage artworks

my godzilla obsession continued in 2021. as well as doing lots of drawings from 1962’s king kong vs. godzilla, i set to work on three larger scale collage artworks. these were based on illustrations i’d done previously and released as postcards and badges. i produced three artworks altogether – the first was mechagodzilla which featured over 150 pieces and required over 700 individual cuts – each by hand of course. i loved working on this and the collage assemblage felt really natural for this character who, as a robot kaiju, would have been made from so many pieces of metal. i made two further collages of the king of the monsters himself – one was a side profile to show off those magnificent spines, the second placed him in the landscape near japan’s mt.aso looking out into the distance. it took a couple of attempts to get the right colour and painted texture for his cracked, volcanic, keloid-inspired skin. these two had approximately 60 and 100 pieces respectively, and each required over 500 cuts. i put some (sped-up), time-lapse video on instagram of me cutting and assembling some of these. as much as i love working digitally – i can’t resist going back to these traditional, tactile methods.

About chris cowdrill

i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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