flower illustrations

i was so pleased with how my series of flower drawings were going that i decided to give some of them a purpose. i chose three drawings that i would develop into finished digital collage outcomes and then produced three more drawings with the intention of developing those too. the blossom piece was based on some sketches that i’d done and some photos that i’d taken. the azalea and dianthus pieces were very similar to the ipad drawings i’d produced and became neater, more refined versions of those original sketches. the forget-me-not and violas became a jigsaw of piecing together dozens of layers of different flowers and leaves. for the rhododendron, i decided to depict all three stages of their blooming. as usual, all outlines were drawn by hand and then colour and texture was added in adobe photoshop.

i had the six finished outcomes professionally printed on heavyweight card as postcards. I also made badges (i print and press these by hand in my studio), as well as A4 prints. They are all available in my etsy store (sorry for the shameless plug!)

the images below show some work in progress screenshots for some of the designs, as well as the finished artworks. the last images are product shots that i used for etsy shop. the first shows the paper binding that i designed to hold the postcard sets – as well as the card being responsibly sourced/sustainable, these are sold in biodegradable plastic sleeves.

About chris cowdrill

i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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