stolen car

as part of indigo octagon stolen car posteri’ve been working with friend, colleague and fellow octagonite, shaun morris to put together some promotional material for his exhibition of recent work titled stolen car.  it’s ‘an exhibition of recent paintings and drawings based on his nocturnal observations of the underside of the M5 motorway that circles the edges and borders of his native West Bromwich and Birmingham.’

here’s the poster i designed, and i’ve included the invite to the private view below.  what’s made this set of graphics more of a collaborative effort was working with shaun to produce a catalogue for the exhibition.  he had some clear ideas about which images he wanted to include, what order and the layout for some of the pages, but the rest i was able to play with.  the catalogue includes an essay about shaun’s work by third octagonite, andrew smith – meaning all three of us contributed to the publication.  the catalogue is available for you to view online here and a limited number will be printed and made available at the private view.  i enjoyed working on the catalogue – i love collecting these sorts of items by other people, so it’s great to be producing them for a change.  i’m hoping to develop more of these under the indigo octagon umbrella as the year goes on.

stolen car flyer

About chris cowdrill

i'm an illustrator, i do graphic design and i teach graphics at a college
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